Not sure whether I posted about it, but I recently bought some second hand Michelin XZL off-road tyres from a bloke on eBay.  I had to drive to a military base in west London (the Defence Geographic Centre) to pick them up, which was a bit of a mission.  Got five of them for £300 including some bad-boy modern wheels.  I was going to get them swapped onto The Duke’s original wheel rims, but ATS charge something like £30 a wheel to do this and there’s no way I’m paying that!

Before and after shot
As you may have noticed if you read the last off-road adventure post, they're white and rusty and look pretty terrible.  So I decided to paint them...

Such a boring job to do.  Cleaning them off, scrubbing with a wire brush, masking the tyres to keep them black, acid etch primer then two coats of Deep Bronze Green.  The finish isn’t that great close-up but from a few feet away they look much better!  Very happy.