For the last couple of weeks, gear changes in The Duke have been very hard work. The tiny pin which stops the stick spinning sheared off, adding a new element of drama to my commute.

The original pin had sheared and was stuck in the channel in the ball at the base of the stick.

So I had to strip the whole thing down.

The pin and the thread on the hole were totally ruined, so I had to think if something new.

I drilled out the hole

Then tapped it with an M8 thread. Much bigger and stronger than the old one.

Then turned down a set screw on the lathe

And heat treated it with case hardening compound, which will hopefully stop it getting squashed and bent.

I doubt there are many Land Rovers on the road with the original rubber blob on the base of the great stick. It’s meant to prevent vibrations but was totally worn away.

So I turned a replacement out of nylon and hammered it on.

At 19.3mm diameter is a snug fit on my spare gearbox and should help prevent rattles and make gears a bit easier to find.

All in all I’m very happy with my evening’s work. Just need the sun to come up so I can put it all back together again!