Refilled after my first full tank of diesel with the 200Di yesterday.  Results not as amazing as I’d expected, but there have been a few issues which might explain that - the speedo stopped working for 20-odd miles and there’s been a lot of engine tweaking and running on the drive.  Plus of course the continuing “smoke adjuster” saga.

Here’s the graph.  The news is good really, getting just under 25MPG and I’d expect much much better on a long run where the overdrive would start to make a big difference.  Money-wise it’s now costing £25 per 100miles as opposed to an average of £39 per 100miles (up to £45 round town!). 

The second to last data point on the graph is the last time Dr J and I went to Sodbury.  The petrol engine was best on a long run, but even then it failed to beat the 200Di round town.  Here are some examples…

Petrol Round Town: 13MPG, £45/100miles, Range 100miles Petrol to Sodbury:  19MPG, £33/100miles, Range 160miles Diesel Round Town:  25MPG, £25/100miles, Range 210miles

And what we’re aiming for is something like…

Diesel ideal:  34MPG, £18/100miles, Range 290miles

So now I need an excuse to head off on a long run!

In Other News

I’m having all sorts of issues with the electrics at the moment.  The mornings are getting colder now and my glowplugs aren’t wired up yet.  Also, I think the batteries from the 24v system are a bit small to turn over the diesel engine.  The other morning I was forced to resort to jump starting off Marvin the Mondeo.

So, I think there will be some more spending before Winter sets in.  A new battery and some wiring for the glowplugs is going to set me back a few quid!